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Red Rose is one of the best Italian restaurants in Brooklyn. All of the food is delicious. The baked clams and fried calamari are delicious. I love the garlic bread. There are weekday specials. The owner is in the restaurant every day to make sure all of the entrees and food are well prepared. Excellent value.

Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value

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I first ate here in 1994, the year I moved to NYC, to Carroll Gardens. I was drawn to this restaurant, not only out of love for Italian food, but because its authenticity intrigued me. No put-on airs, here. As a young, single professional woman, I could go in there alone and be treated like a queen, but everyone was treated the exact same way. I felt welcomed and wanted. I remember Santos, who now seems to be the main proprietor. Was a lovely man. The waitstaff there superlative, and Santos was the head waiter. They always had the best table for me, and fawned all over me. The owners back then, mom and pop, would send a drink, and embarrass me by doing so, but I was so flattered. And being so poor, I appreciated it. I could sit there and read a book, and it was perfectly o.k. To get to the food, which became secondary to the way I was treated, Mama Mia!! Every dish I ever had there was better than the last. And their menu seemed endless in offerings. I cannot tell you what dishes I favored, since this was so many years ago, but suffice it to say, based on newer reviews, you simply cannot go wrong eating here. If you want real Italian, you go to Red Rose. Please tell Santos the librarian said “hello.”

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5 Stars says Ruth Ann!

The Red Rose Restaurant is the Best Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn!

This restaurant is small, but is the best around. I know people that come up from Baltimore just to eat at this restaurant! The food is out of this world for any Italian. You can order something from the menu and tell them to fix it a certain way and they will do it no problem.
I would highly recommend eating here.

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Nancy L. from Insider Pages

The Red Rose Italian Restaurant is a small Italian restaurant hidden away in Brooklyn that is a wonderful place to eat. Their food is delicious, freshly prepared to your order, and their menu features all types of classic Italian dishes, from pastas to meats and fishes, chicken and more.

Their portions are large, the service is excellent, and the bread baskets are constantly filled with fresh, delicious breads. They have salads, and wonderful sauces, and many traditional Italian dishes and some not so traditional. They feature a nice wine menu, delicious desserts, and the food is A-1. I had some of the best egg plant parmesan I ever tasted here, and they also have a full line of delicious appetizers. Best of all their price range is very reasonable. Visit them for delicious Italian food.

PROS: A delicious meal of Italian food.
CONS: None

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